Unique Walls Story

Consider your wallpaper as a shot of botox for a tired looking space - sure some paint can perk it up, but fabric wallpaper adds more than just colour, it gives the room character, dimension and creativity.

Our fabric wallpaper is imported from South Africa and offers a premium alternative to traditional wallpaper. While most wallpapers are normally only 52cm wide, Unique Walls offers fabric panel dimensions of 1.7m to 2.2m wide, allowing for a more accurate installation with fewer joins.

All our fabric wallpaper textiles have a gorgeous matte finish as opposed to glossy finished traditional wallpapers. Our unique product is difficult to scratch or scuff due to the durability of the high-quality fabric used. What’s even better is that the coated polyester weave undergoes a colour-rich dye sublimation process, which allows us to print incredibly bright and accurate colours. 

The 10 Benefits:
  1. Minimal preparation required with almost any surface suitable, allowing for easy installation
  2. Unique texture and feel, with a premium matte finish
  3. Washable, easily cleaned and maintained
  4. Durable and long-lasting
  5. Far less joins due to wider panel width (1.7m - 2.2m)
  6. Colour-rich dye sublimation print
  7. No shrinkage overtime due to weather changes
  8. A water-based adhesive is not harmful to you or your wall
  9. Won't damage the wall when/if removed
  10. And it's reusable!

1. Select your image: Choose from all our wallpaper or let us know if there's anything else you would like us to print.

2. Give your wall dimensions: Measure your wall, enter the width and height. Crop the part of the image/design you want to be on your wall.

3. We print and deliver for free: You can then easily install your wallpaper or we will point you in the direction of professional installers in your area.


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